RiteWay™ Safety Charter

Riteline,LLC is a decorator of writing instruments, serving the advertising speciality industry. It is the company’s position that all of our products are intended or general use by all ages, and no product is primarily represented in its packaging, display, promotion or advertising as intended for use by a child 12 years of age or younger/


Policies and Procedures


It is the policy of Riteline,LLC to provide products that meet or exceed our customer’s expectation in regard to quality. In addition, we have always been diligent in ensuring our products meet all federal and state guidelines for product safety laws such as California Prop 65 and the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA).We utilize a component testing program, where raw materials are tested for compliance statements from pigment and ink suppliers are also catalogued. In the unlikely case of a product recall the company maintains lot/shipment records that facilitate prompt notification./


Conformity assessments


Conformity assessments is defined By ISO as “ any activity concerned with determining directly or indirectly that relevant requirements are fulfilled .” This may include sampling and testing, inspection, certification, and quality and environmental system assessment and registration. With regard to advertising specialities, we provide proof that product and /or processes meet the expectation or requirements of end buyers. Distributors have traditionally relied heavily on suppliers for support in these areas and our company continuously reviews our policies and procedures for conformance to federal and state regulations, as well as best practice within the advertising specialty industry.

Social standard and ethics

RiteLine, LLC holds the highest social standards and ethics in regard to its employees, customers, and suppliers as well as the community. Social responsibility is represented to employees through wages, benefits, job opportunities and the like. Customers are likely to benefit from our standards in the form of competitive pricing , outstanding service, and excellent quality. Suppliers recognize timely invoice payments as a key contributor to our success. The community benefits from a local talent draw as well as environmentally responsible operations .All key contributors whether internal or external are expected to support our commitments for social responsibility as well as comply with all applicable state and federal laws.