Shipping Information
Standard Ship Method 
UPS Ground, FOB Factory, Dallas, TX, prepaid. Alternative carriers or shipping methods must be specified on the initial order. 
Delivery Delays 
Once a shipment leaves RiteLine’s warehouse, title passes to the customer, and RiteLine cannot be responsible for delivery delays caused by the carrier. 
Foreign Shipments 
Third party shipper number required. All charges for duties, taxes, handling and preparation of mandatory export documents will be invoiced, and supporting documentation will be provided. Export documents are prepared as a customer courtesy, and RiteLine cannot assume responsibility for customs clearance. 
Freight Claims 
All claims must be initiated with the carrier by the customer as title passes to customer upon consignment of merchandise to the carrier. 
Residential Shipments 
Residential shipments must be specified and will be charged a higher rate by the carrier. 
Drop Shipments 
• $8.00 (G) per location after the second shipment 
• Must provide locations in Excel format, template provided by factory 
• Locations submitted in a different format will be subject to a $30.00 (G) charge 
Split Shipments/Releases 
• $10.00 (G) per release 
Third Party Shipping 
• $5.00 (G) charge for all orders shipped using a 3rd party shipping account number
Carrier Charge-Backs 
All charge-backs (including third party billed orders address corrections, and non-identified residential delivery costs) to RiteLine will be invoiced to the customer.