RiteLine is fortunate to be represented by the premier MLR Team in the industry. See the map below to find your rep and then click on the link to get contact information.

Northeast Reps

Rob Craxford

(C) 215.499.3910

(email) craxford@msn.com


Mike Rubin

(C) 516.527.4189

(email) mrubin3227@aol.com

Southeast Reps

David Freidman, Doug Terry, Bill McDonald

(C) 404.422.6070

(email) thezizer@yahoo.com

 Midwest Rep - Illinois

 and Wisconsin

   Chris Sinatra

  (C) 847.769.2066

  (email) chrissinatra@comcast.net




Midwest Rep - Kansas, Nebraska, Missouri and Iowa


Joe Keely

(C) 314.443.2236 

(email) joe@selectlinesmarketing.com







Midwest Rep - Ohio, Indiana, Michigan and Kentucky



Joe Eberz

(C) 330.352.7358

(email) joeeberz@gmail.com



Jennie Eberz

(C) 530.307.1584

(email) jennieeberz#gmail.com






Lines Represented:

Illini, Allen Company, LarLu, Warwick, KC Caps, ID LIne, Alexander, RITELINE








Upper Midwest Rep - Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota 


Hareid Marketing

Scott Hareid (c) 612.308.4888

Sandy Nichols (c) 952.270.5778

Garrett Haugen










Southwest Reps - Larry and Kyle Krause

Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, New Mexico and Colorado 


Larry Krause

(C) 214.636.8859

(email) larry@ldkmkt.com


Kyle Krause

(C) 214.636.8848

(email) kyle@ldkmarketing.com









February 23 Southern showcase Dallas, TX