RiteLine is fortunate to be represented by the premier MLR Team in the industry. See the map below to find your rep and then click on the link to get contact information.

Northeast Reps


Brooks & Brooks 

Josh Brooks

(C) 717.471.7007

Email: josh@xbrooks.com         

















Southeast Reps


Doug Terry

(C) 404.915.6338

Email: doug@mcdonaldterrygroup.com 


Billy Mac

(C) 706.254.1622

Email: billymac@mcdonaldterrygroup.com 





Midwest Rep - Illinois

and Wisconsin


Chris Sinatra

(C) 847.769.2066

Email: chrissinatra@comcast.net 



Midwest Rep - Kansas, Nebraska, Missouri and Iowa


Joe Keely

(C) 314.443.2236 

Email: joe@selectlinesmarketing.com  






Upper Midwest Rep - Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota


Hareid Marketing


Scott Hareid

(C) 612.308.4888 

Email: shareid@hareidmarketing.com  

Tasha Widhson

Email: tasha@hareidmarketing.com  



Southwest Reps - Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona, Utah, and Wyoming


North Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas

Scott Blankenship  

(C) 972.979.8443

Email:  scott@bmg-promo.com    

South Texas, Louisiana

Sharon Wohlleber  

(C) 713.398.5153

Email:  swohlleber@sbcglobal.net

Colorado, Arizona, Utah, Wyoming, New Mexico

Garrett Blankenship 

(C) 214.605.0820

Email:  garrett@bmg-promo.com




 Eysoldt Marketing Group - Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan


Matt Eysoldt     

(C) 513-312-1613

Email:  eysoldt@gmail.com    


Allison Eysoldt  

(C) 513-515-7812

Email:  allisoneysoldt@gmail.com

Allison Eysoldt




 Ed Maloney & Assoc. - California, Hawaii, Nevada


Ed Maloney     

(C) (661) 857-0027

Email:  ed@maloneyreps.com  Ed Maloney 


Blake Dugger  

(C) (916) 335-5760

Email:  blake@maloneyreps.com

Blake Dugger